We’ve gone batty!

Bats are NZ’s only native mammal. There are 3 species of bats: The long tailed bat, the lesser short-tailed bat and the greater short tailed bat. The greater short tailed bat is thought to be extinct.  The long tailed bat is classed as ‘nationally critical’, while the short-tailed bat subspecies range from ‘nationally vulnerable to recovering’.  They are in danger of extinction in the medium term if nothing is done to help protect their populations.

Below is an invitation to join us for a night of bat monitoring in Puketoki reserve in Whakamarama. We will be walking slowly through the bush on dusk with our  ‘bat boxes’ (which pick up the bats echo-location calls) to see if we can detect any.  At the very least we will see glow worms and if you bring a strong torch and peer into the creek we may see koura and eels. Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions. Thanks Tammy and Stacey.Orange Halloween Party Facebook Post

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