OPS get a visit from the”rat lady”!

Jose Law is the unofficial queen of rats. She embraces her title of “the rat lady” and so without meaning to kinda brightens your day really.

We were lucky enough to have her come and talk to the entire class of year 6&7 students at Omokoroa Point School (OPS).  She told us that when she moved here, the peninsula was over run with rodents!  She wanted to do something about it and “bring the birds back”. Jose along with a group other keen local people met and discussed the issues and before Jose knew it she was in charge of a newly established community project called ‘Pest Free Omokoroa’! Jose explained that they have killed thousands of rats to get where they are now with the programme (less than 5% tracking rate) which is awesome! Jose showed us what the rat poison bait stations and poisons look like and gave the group all sorts of fascinating facts about rats, for e.g. they are good swimmers and can band together to form rafts!

Thanks for visiting Jose. We look forward to seeing you in spring time for another interesting lesson!DSCF5332


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